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We are discovering most illnesses start with an emotional element. With the right guidance the human body and its fundamental systems can heal itself.

Our practice focuses on identifying and activating each client's own systems to heal and restore. We utilize a combination of crystal therapy, Solfeggio tones/frequencies and natural herb remedies to achieve successful results for our clients.

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Your body is the physical representation of your mind, spirit and collective energies. As such, the signs and symptoms it presents can be the starting point for understanding where to find your balance.


mind & Spirit

At the heart of you is your mind and spirit. Imbalances here can effect who you are, how you react and ultimately influence your physical state. Finding balance within is central to finding physical balance.


Space Clearing

The energy around you influences and impacts your being. By clearing the energy in the spaces that you live and work, you are taking a positive step towards creating a clear environment free of negative vibrations to support your energy wellbeing.

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