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Common focuses

  • Saboteur

    Recognize, Acknowledge, Release.

    Limiting beliefs and limiting conditions, are the stumbling blocks of our self-development. These beliefs are inherited from parents, family, environmental, educational and your social upbringing. Some of these beliefs exist on a superficial level; some are ingrained deeper in the cellular level. The key to transforming and removing them is by first recognizing them, then acknowledge what they are and the lessons they impart, and finally consciously removing them.

    If they are not removed, then most people end up making the same mistakes again and again thus getting exhausted. So, if you are feeling stuck, look within. Inge will help you find the saboteur, recognize, acknowledge the lessons, and remove it, and life will flow better for you.

  • Shadow Work

    What is the shadow?

    The shadow work is the parts of ourselves that we ignore, hide or deny. This can be either consciously or unconsciously. At some point for everyone, his or her shadow will come to light, wanting to be integrated. The choice then depends on each individual, to step into the unknown, accept, acknowledge and integrate their shadow into the light, or simply keep denying them. In some extreme cases the denials will lead to depression and other mental disorders.

    Inge will help work and integrate the shadow self. This will bring peace, clarity & inner balance.

  • Trauma Relief

    In this uncertain world, many of us have undergone horrific accidents or situations that bear some form of trauma. In energetic terms, trauma is an attachment (conscious or subconscious form), block or imbalance. This results in a disturbed vibration of energy, a resonating energy field that goes on and on within the traumatized person and then resonates outwards to others, similar to a radio station.

    With trauma, no matter how small or large, the cells in our bodies remember and store them. This is until we consciously acknowledge them and release them. Our cells want to release all these traumas, as it is not within our nature to keep them. The natural functions of our cells are to provide our body well being, not to keep unnecessary ‘luggage’ that we do not need. Some manifest as phobias, illnesses, fears, or even a recurring nightmare. It is important to recognize when to seek our help in overcoming trauma. Inge will help you alter or even collapse the structure of the trauma energy field, and then it can be neutralized or integrated.

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Intuitive Healing sessions are not intended to replace any existing medical, psychological, nutritional or other health procedures that you are currently observing and following. Instead, these sessions are meant to supplement and work with your current health practices. Always consult your health care professional or General practitioner first. Please feel free to discuss our work with your doctor or please let us know if you would like Inge to discuss any of your sessions with your doctor.

Inge is not a physician and therefore will not diagnose disease or prescribe drugs.

Please remember, we are responsible for our own body, no one else. Our cells are independently conscious and connected to our source. It is our ego that is sometimes not conscious and blocking our cells connection. We create our own reality, consciously or not.

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