Space clearing

The energy around you influences and impacts your life. All of us have experienced walking into a room a feeling immediately uplifted or inspired. We have also felt the tension and anxiety left in a room after an argument or fight. All of these reactions can be explained in regards to the energy within the space. All spaces have different energies. Your home is not only a building for shelter, but also all the space within is comprised of infinite movements of energy, holding the histories of all energies that have been present in that space.

Space clearing is a procedure designed to change the energetic content of your environment. They can be undertaken to prepare your home when you first move in; to refresh the energies of any space exhausted by continuous use, stress, or even suffering; to change the energies of your space for a special need, and to dismiss disease, unwanted spirits, or other damaging forces. You should always perform a clearing after a negative event such as sickness, misfortune, accidents or even death.

Utilising an infinity biofeedback program combined with ancient knowledge of clearing crystals, Inge will work with you to change the energies left in the spaces you use. This process clears space in the physical & energetic world to help you to achieve new goals. Working with your desired result, Inge will profile your space, clear the negative energies and fill it with the desired energies that will assist you in achieving balance.

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Intuitive Healing sessions are not intended to replace any existing medical, psychological, nutritional or other health procedures that you are currently observing and following. Instead, these sessions are meant to supplement and work with your current health practices. Always consult your health care professional or General practitioner first. Please feel free to discuss our work with your doctor or please let us know if you would like Inge to discuss any of your sessions with your doctor.

Inge is not a physician and therefore will not diagnose disease or prescribe drugs.

Please remember, we are responsible for our own body, no one else. Our cells are independently conscious and connected to our source. It is our ego that is sometimes not conscious and blocking our cells connection. We create our own reality, consciously or not.

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