2016-2017 Collections

Transformational Crystal Jewellery

Inge creates the transformational crystal jewellery using the best quality, natural earth crystals. She is guided by a combination of her intuition and ancient knowledge that she channels to find the crystals and for the crystals to find her. The 2016-2017 collection is a selection very powerful transformational jewellery with each piece being purposed designed and hand crafted to allow the wearer to benefit from the unique transformational properties of the crystals. Each piece is designed with a specific intent.

Transformational jewellery acquires its potency through the combination of certain crystal shapes, design, intent and the crystal companion combinations used. The end result is a wonderfull, and powerful, piece of jewellery that is purposely made with the intention of balancing, aligning and clearing energy fields, which subsequently, helps to ease your life evolution and well being.

All jewellery is of the highest quality and craftmanship. Inge has engage experienced jewellers to craft each piece in the collection. Each piece in the 2016-2017 collection is set in silver and finished with platinum providing a stunningly beautiful base for the crystals to sit.

Buying transformational jewellery is a journey onto itself. Each item in this collections will be programmed to its owner for their unique purpose: love, health, abundance, wellbeing or prosperity. As such, the buying process is not entirely online, and when you select 'buy now' you will be sending Inge an email requesting the purchase - she will follow up with you directly to ensure the piece is programmed to your exact needs prior to shipment.

Each piece is uniquely designed, dependent on the crystal size, shape and the intuitive design of Inge. It is because of this careful process that items may sell out. For items that are sold out, you can preorder them. Please note, preordered items take approximately six months to source, set and program. Your patience in this process is appreciated.

Please note, for those purchasing from the United Kingdom or the United States, we charge a A$40 postage surcharge per order. For those ordering from other locations outside Australia, please enquire when ordering about postage surcharges.

A word about
powerful crystals…

The 2016-2017 collection is designed to balance, align and clear your energy field. Many of the designs are very powerful and you may experience some discomfort if the piece is not properly aligned and programmed to you. In addition, if you've never worn crystal jewellery before, the power of the design may be intense at first; in these cases, we recommend 'wearing the piece in', as you would a new pair of new shoes, to become aquainted with its powers over a short periods of time.

Powerful crystals can give us all kinds of reactions. They can range from minor discomfort and mild annoyances to almost violent reactions. Crystals can make us dizzy, light headed, nauseas causing headaches, cramps, trembles, uncontrollable shaking and pain in various areas of our body. These can be often symptons of the release of toxic energy. It is important to note, that whilst you clear toxic energy your body is adjusting, clearing, and balancing at the same time.

If you ever experience any of these symptoms, we don’t believe that (in most cases) it is cause for alarm. Based on experience, we feel that these uncomfortable symptoms are usually a result of the crystal working their energies and bringing out, eradicating, opening up and unblocking what is doing harm within our energy body.

When working with a new crystal for the first time, please exercise caution and awareness. If you initially experience an unpleasant side effect, please ONLY use the crystal for short periods of time until your body adjusts to it and its energy.

You will most likely find that the symptoms ease up and go away in time once the crystal has done what it's intended to do.

All is well.

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